FAREI Aquaponics – Mauritius

FAREI Aquaponics – Mauritius

Project Description
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  • 23 February 2023
A learning and development aquaponics system has been installed at Reduit, Mauritius for the Ministry of Agriculture.

Training Aquaponics Farm

Reduit, Mauritius

  • 800kg tilapia / annum
  • Capacity for over 5,000 plants
  • Centrally located
  • Direct supply to the public
  • 1 x 250sqm hybrid system with vertical towers and wicking beds
  • 180 m² grow space

Aquaponics is key to the sustainability of food production for all countries, especially Mauritius. This system has been installed to assist aspiring farmers in the country to learn as well as for the Department of Agriculture to research the best grow methods and crops.


It was fantastic that Ichthys could install one of their latest aquaponics designs for us to learn. Thanks so much!

RudiHead of Aquaponics - FAREI - FAREI