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1) Aquaponic System Design

We design aquaponics systems - everything from small scale backyard to large commercial farms.

System Design

Get in touch with us today and allow us to assist in designing the right system for your budget.
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2) Aquaponic Consultations

Whether you are just starting out or looking for some expert guidance, then book a consultation with us. We will assist in every way we can.

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3) Aquaponic Training

We offer highly specialised training catering specifically to each clients needs. Training can be done in person or online.


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4) System Construction

We have a full construction team that will create your aquaponics system exactly to spec. Everything from tanks to filters and grow systems themselves.


Once the aquaponics system has been fully constructed, we can also offer installation services
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Aquaponic System Design

Great systems start with great design

Step 1 - The Location

Before installing a system, it’s crucial to understand the location’s environmental conditions, including temperature, light, and humidity. These factors significantly impact system performance.

Key Considerations:

  • Temperature: Assess average and extreme temperatures.
  • Light: Evaluate natural light availability.
  • Humidity: Check local humidity levels.

Whether the installation is in an urban area, rural setting, or car park, we will find the best solution for your specific location.

Step 2 - The Structure

Once we understand more about the location we propose the right type of structure to fit the budget. Ranging from conventional standard steel greenhouses to our latest state of the art Light Weight Steel Structure as shown.

  • Decide whether to use plastic or polycarbonate
  • Choose the flooring

Step 3 - Grow Method

There are multiple grow methods that can be incorporated into any aquaponics system. The type of crop being grown and space available will determine the right grow method to be used.

  • Deep Water Culture
  • Vertical Towers
  • Flow Through Media

Step 4 - Tanks & Filters

Once we have finalised the grow methods and total number of plants to be grown – we will match the right number and size of the fish tanks to ensure sufficient nutrition for the plants.

The filters are designed to meet the demands of the fish tanks.

Step 5 - Manufacturing

As each system is totally unique, we only start fabrication and procurement once the system is fully designed. This normally takes between 6 and 8 weeks to complete.

Step 6 - Setup

Once the project has been finalised and all components have been dispatched and received – it is time to setup your new and customised aquaponics system.

System Components

HiGrow Vertical Towers

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of aquaponics with vertical grow towers, revolutionizing sustainable agriculture! With the world's first aquaponics vertical grow towers, you can grow nutrient-rich, pesticide-free vegetables and enjoy the benefits of sustainable, year-round farming, all within a space-efficient design. Embrace the future of agriculture and join the movement towards a greener, healthier planet with this groundbreaking technology!

Deep Water Culture

Our Deep Water Culture beds are constructed from high quality powder coated steel. The frames are easy to assemble and survive even in harsh conditions. The liner is constructed to size from 550g reinforced PVC liner. Sufficient aeration is provided to plants using magnetic diaphragm air pumps and Matala air diffuser tube

Flow Through Media Beds

Our flow through media beds beds are constructed from high quality powder-coated steel. The frames are easy to assemble and last even in harsh conditions. The liner is constructed to size from 550g reinforced PVC liner. Sufficient aeration is provided to plants using magnetic diaphragm air pumps and matala air diffuser tubes. Crops are grown in 110mm Pots with Leca (clay balls) or Stone, supported on UV Resistant PVC boards.


Our BioMech filter makes use of Matala filter media that consists of unique, open-cell structures designed to provide exceptional biological and mechanical filtration for fish ponds. The open cell structure allows for excellent water flow while providing ample surface area for beneficial bacteria colonization. The bacteria play a vital role in breaking down organic waste and harmful substances, promoting a healthy aquatic environment.

Our Track Record


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We have completed aquaponic projects in over 8 countries for private companies, schools, NGOs and Government Agencies.

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Justin Hess

Justin Hess

Justin is the Managing Director of Afraponix and is one of our senior trainers and consultants.

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Mark Austin

Senior trainer and Head of Business Development

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