EARN Aquaponics – Centurion

EARN Aquaponics – Centurion

Project Description
A magnificent aquaponics facility has recently been complete by Ichthys Aquaponics. The 500sqm facility has 36 flood and drain media beds and 250sqm of deep water culture. There are 3 x 3,5m3 fish tanks for fingerlings and 3 x 10m3 fish tanks for final grow out.

Commercial Aquaponics Farm

Centurion, South Africa

  • 1,500kg tilapia / annum
  • Capacity for over 10,000 plants
  • Centrally located
  • Producing leafy greens
  • 1 x 500sqm hybrid system with media beds and DWCs.
  • 350 m² grow space

This system has been installed to assist aspiring agripreneur farmers in the country to learn and research the best grow methods and crops.

Project Details

We are really excited to be part of developing the future of African farmers using modern technologies.