Meet the team!

With over a decade of experience, Justin Hess and the team are on a constant mission to grow Ichthys as well as take the aquaponics industry by storm. Through years of trials, errors, research and experience, our team at Ichthys has grown into a close-knit family that also share the same passion for aquaponics as the way of future farming.

Justin Hess

Justin Mess

Managing Director

Justin Hess is the founder of Ichthys Aquaponics Group birthed from his love for aquaponics. He also has a big passion to grow Ichthys’s footprint without borders. Through his leadership, hunger to share knowledge and passion in assisting any aquaponic farmer, Justin is someone whose name will stand as a legacy in the aquaponics industry. Justin is at his happiest with his son at his side and a fishing rod in hand making memories that will outlast generations.

Richard Hess


Richard Hess is a highly experienced development economist, having founded and managed one of Africa’s leading development consultancy firms. As Chairman of Ichthys Group, he is committed to ensuring the group contributes to the economic development of Africa, in ways that ensure environmental sustainability and benefit all stakeholders. In addition to his work with Ichthys, Richard is also passionate about social enterprise development. In this regard, he helped found the Social Enterprise Academy Africa, for which he has been Chairman since its establishment.

The Team

Yvette Loots
Operations Manager

Moses Nyangu
Construction Manager