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Nutrient Deficient Tomatoes to show nutrient roles in plants

Nutrient Roles in Plants

October 07, 2021 So you’re constantly dosing your system with extra nutrients and hoping they will help your plants thrive. But in order to manage and maintain the full spectrum of nutrients required in aquaponics, it is important to understand nutrient roles in plants. Firstly, let’s unpack the nutrients into macronutrients and micronutrients. The difference between these...

Plants showing a common plant deficiency

Common Plant Deficiencies

October 07, 2021 As much as we wish everything was all smooth sailing as an aquaponics farmer, we unfortunately still come across our daily struggles. Like in any farming practice, it’s important to always check your plants for nutrient deficiencies. All our recommended treatments for plant deficiencies are 100% safe remedies. This is crucial in an aquaponic...

Lifecycle of a plant showing two hands holding seeds

The Life Cycle of a Plant

October 07, 2021 Let’s take it back to the basics, because at the end of the day you are first and foremost, a farmer. So, you must understand the life cycle of a plant to ensure your success in harvesting a good crop from your aquaponics system.

The Seed

This is...

Diseased Plants

Plant pests and disease management in an aquaponics system

October 07, 2021 One of the biggest headaches you’ll get as an aquaponics farmer is a constant struggle with pests and disease in your plants. Some are just unavoidable but others can be prevented and managed to ensure that your crop loss is little to none. Let’s walk you through some of our methods for plant...

A green leaf against a white background

The Nitrogen Cycle in Aquaponics

October 07, 2021 Nitrogen is super important for plant growth and therefore the health of your system depends strongly on the efficiency of the bacteria in your system. These bacteria help carry out the nitrogen cycle in aquaponics. Let’s walk through the steps of the cycle to give you a better understanding of how Nitrogen moves...