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Tag - Plant Health

Nutrient Deficient Tomatoes to show nutrient roles in plants

Nutrient Roles in Plants

October 07, 2021 So you’re constantly dosing your system with extra nutrients and hoping they will help your plants thrive. But in order to manage and maintain the full spectrum of nutrients required in aquaponics, it is important to understand nutrient roles in plants. Firstly, let’s unpack the nutrients into macronutrients and micronutrients. The difference between these...

Plants showing a common plant deficiency

Common Plant Deficiencies

October 07, 2021 As much as we wish everything was all smooth sailing as an aquaponics farmer, we unfortunately still come across our daily struggles. Like in any farming practice, it’s important to always check your plants for nutrient deficiencies. All our recommended treatments for plant deficiencies are 100% safe remedies. This is crucial in an aquaponic...

A man trellising and pruning a tomato plant

Trellising and Pruning

October 10, 2021 You’ve probably heard people say that gardening can be so therapeutic right? Well, we agree! There’s definitely a sense of peace when tending to your plants and observing their growth in your aquaponic system. A big part of caring for your plants involves the trellising and pruning process. The correct trellising and pruning of...

Man holding a lettuce seedling for an aquaponics system

Where do the Plants get their Nutrients?

August 26, 2021 It’s common knowledge that a plant's basic necessities are water, oxygen, sunlight and a good fertilizer. But what happens when we are talking about a soil-less aquaponic system? How does the plant get the required nutrients to survive? Let’s take a closer look at how the plants get their nutrients in aquaponics. When you...