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A green leaf against a white background

The Nitrogen Cycle in Aquaponics

October 07, 2021 Nitrogen is super important for plant growth and therefore the health of your system depends strongly on the efficiency of the bacteria in your system. These bacteria help carry out the nitrogen cycle in aquaponics. Let’s walk through the steps of the cycle to give you a better understanding of how Nitrogen moves...

Picture of an empty fish tank for bio filtration

Biofiltration in Aquaponics Explained

October 07, 2021 Don’t be scared off by the name. It’s not as complex to set up as it might sound. Biofiltration in aquaponics is the crucial mechanism that allows the cycle of aquaponics to take place. Your fish could get sick and your plants will be deprived of nitrogen without adequate biofiltration in an aquaponics...

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