Plant Care

Aquaponically Grown Vegetables on a chopping board to show Brix Levels

Seasonal Produce in Aquaponics

October 06, 2021 As much as we love a good challenge, sometimes, replicating a certain climate can become too expensive and simply, just too much admin. Therefore, we highly recommend skipping the fuss and planting seasonal crops in your aquaponics system. Let’s take a look at a year-round guide for seasonal produce in aquaponics based on...

Hand holding a packet of seeds with a grassy background

Warm & Cold Germination

October 06, 2021 Let’s talk about germination. As a farmer or gardening hobbyist, there’s something very satisfying about seeing your seedling trays starting to sprout. If you are an aquaponics farmer who has decided to germinate their own seeds then this blog post is to help walk you through the process.

A man trellising and pruning a tomato plant

Trellising and Pruning

October 10, 2021 You’ve probably heard people say that gardening can be so therapeutic right? Well, we agree! There’s definitely a sense of peace when tending to your plants and observing their growth in your aquaponic system. A big part of caring for your plants involves the trellising and pruning process. The correct trellising and pruning of...