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Lettuce Plant in a deep water culture setup in an Aquaponics System

Different Grow Methods of an Aquaponic System

October 07, 2021 When it comes to designing your setup, there are a few options to choose from for the hydroponic component. Let’s talk about the different grow methods of an aquaponic system, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting yourself into. Ebb & Flow (Flood & Drain) In this grow bed, the plants are planted in...

Strawberries growing in a nutrient film technique aquaponics system

Nutrient Film Technique in Aquaponics

October 06, 2021 As you may know, the Nutrient Film Technique is one of the many grow methods available in an Aquaponics system. The NFT is a simple, yet fascinating method that works great for farmers who are looking to grow lettuce, baby herbs and strawberries. What is the Nutrient Film Technique? This technique was originally adapted from Hydroponics...

Grow Media in a Media Bed In an Aquaponics System with some green plants in the background.

Media Beds in Aquaponics

October 06, 2021 When it comes to the hydroponic component of your system, media beds are probably the most commonly used in an aquaponics setup. And rightfully so, as the media beds are considered to be the most diverse grow method. In this blog post, we will walk you through the functioning, ratios and components of...

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