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Somone testing the pH of an aquaponics system

What is the ideal pH for my aquaponics system?

October 07, 2021 Like all good things in life, it’s important to maintain balance in your system. One of the key factors to this balance is the pH. pH is the measure of how alkaline or acidic the water is and your fish and plants depend...
People in a classroom setting learning about the Chemistry Behind Aquaponics

The Chemistry Behind Aquaponics

October 07, 2021 No, sadly it’s not magic that provides you with the tastiest produce and a happy aquaponic system, it’s chemistry…But, don’t let that scare you off because the chemistry behind aquaponics is fairly straightforward. Let’s walk you through the chemistry behind aquaponics to give...
A thermometer to measure the temperature of an aquaponics system

Water Temperature in Aquaponics

October 07, 2021 In life and, more importantly, in aquaponics everything is about balance. As an aquaponic farmer, you will constantly feel like you’re walking on a tightrope while holding multiple porcelain plates. Each plate representing an important parameter that needs to constantly be monitored in...
Fish in a fish tank before fish feed

What do I feed my fish in an Aquaponics System?

October 07, 2021 As any fellow fish farmer would tell you, the aim of the game is to grow your fish as quickly and efficiently as possible. In other words, you want to maintain your uniformity of growth without degrading the quality of your water. Well,...
Lifecycle of a plant showing two hands holding seeds

The Life Cycle of a Plant

October 07, 2021 Let’s take it back to the basics, because at the end of the day you are first and foremost, a farmer. So, you must understand the life cycle of a plant to ensure your success in harvesting a good crop from your aquaponics...
Diseased Plants

Plant pests and disease management in an aquaponics system

October 07, 2021 One of the biggest headaches you’ll get as an aquaponics farmer is a constant struggle with pests and disease in your plants. Some are just unavoidable but others can be prevented and managed to ensure that your crop loss is little to none....
Koi in a fish tank

The Life Cycle of Fish

October 07, 2021 We thought we would walk you through the life cycle of a fish. Just to make sure you understand a bit more about these little creatures and the different stages they grow through before you get to harvest them as fully grown adults.


Algae in Aquaponics and How to Manage it

October 07, 2021 Algae is the number one nuisance for any aquaponics farmer. If left unmanaged, algae can become problematic. Algae can cover the roots of your plants which will restrict them from obtaining the right amounts of nutrients. Algae also causes pH swings and decreases...
Man holding a fish

Common Fish Diseases in Aquaponics and Treatments

October 07, 2021 Unfortunately, you cannot avoid the inevitability of coming across a common fish parasite or a disease. Because even if you follow all the steps when caring for your fish there will come a time where you will be reaching for a helping hand...
Spring Onion

How does pH affect nutrient absorption in plants?

October 07, 2021 We are constantly going on and on about maintaining the correct pH and stressing the importance of testing the pH of your system daily. But what happens to your plants if your pH is not in range? How does pH affect nutrient absorption...

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