Eastgate Rooftop Farm – Gauteng South Africa

Eastgate Rooftop Farm – Gauteng South Africa

Project Description

Based in the heart of Johannesburg – this roof top aquaponics farm is the first to be placed ontop of a shopping mall. It showcases that aquaponics is the future of sustainable farming.

- Rooftop aquaponics farm

Commercial Aquaponics Farm

Johannesburg, South Africa

2,000kg pangasius / annum
Space for 7,000 plants

Worlds first aquaponics farm on a shopping mall
Produce all sold within 1km radius

2 staff employed
450 m² system

This roof top farm was inspired but unused parking space that could be put to superb use. This farm is a first for shopping malls, and is a showcase of everything amazing about aquaponics. The farm is powered by solar, has a rain capture system in place, biogas digester and a combination of DWCs, vertical growing and media bed systems.

Eastgate’s Aquaponics Farm District aims to create a hub to educate local communities on alternative farming methods. It sees this as investing in the future of agriculture in South Africa.

Through this initiative, local employment is created through an eco-friendly sustainable urban farming solution. This provides an abundance of healthy food, farmed by the community for the community.


“We are pleased to be taking yet another significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint. And to be preserving the environment for future generations, Amelia Beattie says.

She concludes: “All while inspiring change and providing a platform that enables shoppers to be educated and inspired to be the change.”

Amelia BeattieChief Executive - Liberty Two Degrees