Big City Farms – Gauteng South Africa

Big City Farms – Gauteng South Africa

Project Description

Fast becoming one of the worlds largest and most successful aquaponics farms. Big City Farms is on track to have more than 3,000sqm of aquaponics under cover. Located in Midrand and supplying local chains such as Woolworths, Spar, Food Lovers Market and Pick ‘n Pay with better than organic fresh produce.

- Big City Farms
- Aquaponics Farm (Midrand)

Commercial Aquaponics Farm

Midrand, South Africa

2,000kg tilapia & 6,000kg trout/ annum
Basil, Mint, Chives, Cucumber and Lettuce

Centrally located in Midrand
Staff owned and run

8 staff employed
3,000 m² system

Big City Farms is a staff owned and run BEE aquaponics farm – specialising in only one thing… growing healthy and fresh produce. Currently the farm is supplying over 200kgs per month of rainbow trout and tilapia and well in excess of 1,000kg of fresh produce each and every month.


Farming can be hard – but aquaponics makes is all worth while. Ichthys has been there for us from the beginning, supported us to get access to grants and capital as well as provided all the relevant training.

MosesOperations Manager & Director - Big City Farms