Agri Ecology Hub – Durban South Africa

Agri Ecology Hub – Durban South Africa

Project Description

Based in Pinelands, Durban – Agro Ecology Hub has become a shining light in the region as one of the first commercial aquaponics farms. It has also become a centre for education.

- Aquaponics Farm (Durban)

Commercial Aquaponics Farm

Durban, South Africa

2,000kg tilapia / annum
Space for 7,000 plants

Centrally located in Durban
Community project

4 staff employed
450 m² system

Rakhee took on the project to bring aquaponics to the Agro Ecology Hub in Pinelands, Durban. The farm currently produces a wide variety of produce, including beans and herbs.


Ichthys helped us design and build a beautiful aquaponics facility!

RakheeManager - Agro Ecology Hub

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