Aquaponics and Sustainability

Sustainability: a word that’s on everyone’s mind lately. However, the word sustainability can define multiple aspects. For us, sustainability means being able to secure the future of food security and conserving precious resources. And therefore, ultimately mending the gap in the agricultural industry as aquaponics and sustainability go hand in hand.


Why is food security and sustainability so important?

Overpopulation and the continued consumption of available resources have lead us into a questionable future. Currently, one in four people are suffering from food insecurity on a global scale. Therefore, as an industry, agriculture needs to adapt its methods to ensure the security of food supply in the future.

Ichthys was established in 2004 as one of the first few commercial aquaponics farms in South Africa. With over a decade of trials, errors and research we have become determined to make our contribution. A contribution to a more sustainable planet.

Where do aquaponics and sustainability meet?

In our opinion, aquaponics creates a promising future for the agricultural industry. This is why we believe that utilizing a food production system that is both pure-ganic and conserves, water, land and time could be a possible solution.

Our goal is to provide farmers in South Africa and surrounding countries with commercial aquaponic farm installations. As well as, slowly shift the agricultural sector into a more sustainable, long term method of farming. This will be achieved by educating and consulting aspiring farmers, current farmers, communities and households by introducing them to our world and helping them start their aquaponic journey.

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What are we doing to help?

In summary, we want to be your helping hand and your go-to for all things aquaponics. Through our courses, shop and consulting services, we can live out our passion by empowering people with the knowledge and tools to set up and maintain their own commercial aquaponics farm.

So, that’s our story and why we do what we do. We hope that you join us on our mission to secure our place on mother earth and build a healthier society, one aquaponic system at a time.

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