The beating heart of Ichthys Aquaponics is located at our Agri Hub in Midrand. Aspiring aquaponic farmers can rent out the Agri Hub tunnels. We then guide these new farmers through the process of setting up and maintaining a commercial aquaponic system. With a seedling facility, packhouse and ready to go aquaponic systems – the Agri-Preneurs have the best chance at understanding the challenges and triumphs of commercial aquaponic farming. The produce from the Agri Hub supplies a wide variety of fresh produce and organically fed fish. Including, trout, catfish and tilapia that is all harvested, prepared and packaged on our premises. Contact us to book a tour of our Agri Hub farm located in Midrand.


This fully equipped aquaponics farm, the Farm District, is located at Ichthys Farms, Midrand. The farm is powered by solar, fully equipped with a rain capture system, and a biogas digester. The system is a combination of DWCs, media bed systems and verticals.

Farm District aims to create a hub to educate local communities on alternative farming methods. And above all, investing in the future of agriculture in South Africa.

This eco-friendly, sustainable, urban farming solution creates an opportunity for local employment. The Farm District provides an abundance of healthy food farmed for the community. This fresh produce is harvested from Farm District and sold to locals.


Finally, nestled in the Cradle of Human Kind, is the aquaponics farm supplies the Cradle Boutique Hotel with the finest produce. Surrounded by nature in the heart of the cradle, this location seemed too perfect to host an aquaponics farm. Utilizing a sustainable farming solution that takes a step towards the future of food security almost seemed reflective of the journey of growth and adaptability of humankind. Make sure to venture out to the Cradle Boutique Hotel Restaurant and try out the decadent bush-bistro cuisine.

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