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It’s no secret that the food produced from an aquaponics system is the healthiest most nutrient-dense produce you can find. But did you also know that aquaponically grown, fresh produce will rock your taste buds on a whole new level?

If you haven’t had the chance to taste our produce before then don’t worry you can now find Ichthys fresh produce in more shops around Johannesburg and it’s our guarantee of freshness! All our products are farmed and packed onsite under strict hygiene processes.

The Farm District

We now have our Farm District Café and Deli at Eastgate mall where you can buy all our fresh produce or sit down and enjoy a delicious meal prepared with our homegrown ingredients grown right on the rooftop above it!

Click here to learn more about the Farm District.

The farm district

Munching Mongoose

Munching Mongoose is a brilliant company that have a passion for supporting local and solving the worlds problems with healthy food. They provide a convenient subscription service where you can get fresh, organic and artisan food delivered to you. They believe in providing people with food that is both good for their health, the environment and the soul.

Other Outlet Stores

You can also find our produce at these stores!

– SuperSpar Midstream

– Spar Midstream Ridge

– SuperSpar Lyttleton