Tanks and Liners

Ichthys manufactures high quality welded mesh reservoirs, constructed from durable galvanized wire mesh – lined with virgin reinforced PVC liner. Our tanks are all made to order and can be constructed to any size (standard height is 1.2m or 1.8m). We also manufacture extremely effective insulation and tank covers. Our latest design has the option for a conical bottom – giving you optimal bottom drainage and filtration. All tanks come with a full set of instructions and can be assembled in under 30 minutes.

Our team of experts can help measure and make the liners for your flood and drain beds, DWC and also sumps. Whatever your need we have you covered. 

- Welded Mesh Tanks

Our range of tanks are all constructed from galvanised wire mesh as opposed to painted mesh. This ensures that the tank frame will not rust and in turn significantly increase the lifespan of your tank and liner. Where tanks are under a cover we recommend using 550g liner, and in cases where tanks are exposed to direct sunlight we recommend 800g liner. If you plan on using a bottom drain on the tank, and can sink the bottom section of the tank into the ground – then the conical tanks will be ideal for you.

- Standard Flat Bottom Tanks

These tanks are flat on the bottom and come in two height (1.2m & 1.8m) and two densities of liner (550g / 450 micron & 800 / 650g micron). Tanks come with a full set of installation instructions, and also a bottom drain. Optional extras are fiberglass insulation for the tank and also tank covers.

SizeLiters550g RRP (Ex. VAT)800g RRP (ex VAT)Insulation (ex VAT)Tank Cover
1.55m(d) x 0.5m(h)1,000R952R1,184R450 
2.1m(d) x 0.6m(h)2,000R1,331R1,715R850 
2m(d) x 1.2m(h)3,800R2,487R3,138R1,736 
2.5m(d) x 1.2m(h)5,900R3,153R4,080R2,044 
3m(d) x 1.2m(h)8,600R3,904R5,077R2,355 
3.5m(d) x 1.2m(h)11,700R4,333R5,775R2,663 
4.0m(d) x 1.2m(h)15,300R4,981R6,715R2,974 
4.5m(d)x 1.2m(h)19,400R5,487R7,535R3,284 


- Standard Conical Tanks

Our unique Galvanised Conical Mesh Tank are 1.2m in Height and have a 0.3m bottom cone. The cone allows for a more effective use of a bottom drain for removing fish waste.

Constructed from 800g /650 micron or 550g/450micron Light Grey virgin reinforced liner. Tank is easy to transport and can fit into the boot of most cars.

SizeLiters550g RRP (Ex. VAT)
1.55m(d) x 0.5m(h) (+ 0.2m)1,100R1,035
2.1m(d) x 0.6m(h) (+ 0.2m)2,250R1,440
2m(d) x 1.2m(h) (+ 0.3m)4,100R2,636
2.5m(d) x 1.2m(h) (+0.3m)6,400R3,361
3m(d) x 1.2m(h) (+0.3m)9,200R4,170
3.5m(d) x 1.2m(h) (+0.3m)12,400R4,645
4.0m(d) x 1.2m(h) (+0.3m)16,450R5,351
4.5m(d) x 1.2m(h) (+0.4m)20,600R5,913

- DWC Liners

Good quality liner is essential for your deep water culture bed. Our 550g virgin reinforced PVC liner is ideal for laying across your water bed. When calculating how many SQM of liner you require be sure to take into account the height of each side of the bed and include it in the total SQMs required.

- Sump Liners

We can weld your sump liner into the exact shape of your sump. Just send us the dimensions of the sump you either have or plan to install and we will quote you accordingly.

- Tank Insulation

Stand alone insulation panels are constructed from 550g/450micron Grey virgin reinforced liner and Speciality insulation wool.

- Tank Covers

In order to reduce the amount of light on your tanks and stop fish jumping out, our 60% shade net covers with tank supports are ideal.