Aquaponics Systems – 540sqm Commercial

- 540 square meter DWC / Media Hybrid

Total Tank Volume46’200lt( 12’204 gallons)
Water change cycleStandard System -2 hourly            
Aeration10lt/min per 1000lt tank size        
Theoretical Stocking Density (SD)  1’848kg (40kg/1000lt) 
Hydroponics Grow Area

1. DWC Full

Grow Area# of Plants (20cm Spacing)
430m2  (4 ‘630 ft2)11’600 plants
2. DWC-Media Hybrid425.5m2 (4 ‘645 ft2)11’488 plants
3. Media Only380m2 (4 ‘090 ft2)10’315 plants
4. Mobile DWC-Media hybrid370m2 (4 ‘000 ft2)9‘585 plants
5. Vertical-Media-DWC hybrid554m2 (5 ‘963 ft2)14’960 plants
Ave. Power Consumption1,1kW/hr (Base)

System DesignComplete design blueprint

  • Full 3D model
  • Architectural plans
  • Project plan
  • Construction guide
  • Bill of Materials
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GreenhouseThis is the rolls royce of tunnels

Naturally Ventilated Gothic Tunnel

  • 42m x 12.8m tunnel
  • Apex between 5.3m & 5.8m
  • Roll up curtains
  • 250-micron agri plastic
  • Installation at an additional charge


36 m x 12.8m Gothic tunnel &  5m x 12.8m Aquaculture A-frame structure

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Aquaponic systemAquaculture & Hydroponics complete

Includes Hydroponics System & Aquaculture Components supplied by Ichthys

  • 3 x 15,400l conical tanks
  • DC water pumps & Eco Air Pumps
  • Radial Pre-filter
  • Matala bio-mechanical filter
  • Hydroponics Options
    1.  429m2DWC System with 40DVA float raft
    2. 425.5m2 DWC-Media Hybrid
    3. 380m2 Media(gravel)
  • All Hydroponics plumbing components
  • Dosage and Mineralisation
  • Excl. Installation:R150,000 – 300,000
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- Hydroponic Greenhouse Tunnel Specifications

We have included the cost of a naturally-ventilated Cyclone Tech Catrina 540m² (42m x 12.8m) galvanized agricultural tunnel.

This double height, state of the art greenhouse provides a superior hydroponics environment. (Alternative cheaper and/or Stainless options available upon request)


  • The Catarina tunnel has gothic arches -12.8m bay sizes
  • Superior Height – Height of apex between 5.3m and 5.8m
  • Naturally ventilated – Straight sides, manual roll up curtains
  • 250-micron agri plastic and/or 40% Grey Shade Netting
  • Tunnel floor is covered with 9mm gravel and bidim (alternative options available).



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    - Aquaculture System

    The hydroponic tunnel structure is powered by a single 5m x 12.8m aquaculture section. The aquaculture system comes standard with:

    • 5m x 12.8m Aquaculture Roof Structure – with 250-micron plastic or shadenet roof (Optional change)
    • 3 x 15’400lt Conical fish tanks – Tanks are manufactured by Ichthys with a galvanised steel mesh support and 550g virgin PVC reinforced mesh Liner, 3.5m diameter and 1.5m deep, with 0.3m conical base. The conical base of the tank provides superior bottom filtration compared to flat based tanks.
    • Solid lift/solid drain for waste removal from the tanks,
    • Single bottom inlet & top-shower inlet system per tank to de-risk the system from aeration failure.
    • A tank cover dome – 80% Shade net which is easily opened and closed
    • Side tank drain connected to sump
    • DC Water pump Solution – that at maximum can pump approximate 45’000lt/hr.
    • Eco Aeration solution: Low power air pumps delivering 500lt/min of air through best-in-class diffuser membranes and air lifts system.
    • Air and water Manifolds – de-risking single pump dependency

    Optional Extra’s/ Included in the trout upgrade option:

    • Thermal Tank Side Insulation (25DV by 25mm)

    Water runs from the tanks to the swirl filter, through the grow beds and into a sump from which it is then returned to the fish tanks.

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      - Mechanical & Bio Filtration

      Mechanical filtration on each aquaculture tunnel is achieved using three radial pre-filters and three Matala Media filters. These state-of-the-art advanced mechanical filtrations provide 10-15 more compact mechanical filtration compared to your standard vortex filters, which equates to more grow space for you.  Their ability to remove even the finest of micro particles ensures your beds will never block up with fish waste.

      Each Solid filter has a bypass to enable the aquaculture section to be decoupled from the hydroponics system for short periods.

      Each Filter has a waste tap off function linked to the mineralisation system

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        - Hydroponic System

        Hydroponic System

        This BASE commercial system, priced above, is composed of two 34.6.8m x 6.2m wading “Deep Water Culture” (DWC) per hydroponic tunnel. You have an option to select from 5 Hydroponics systems with respective grow areas listed below. Refer to detailed system quote for additional pricing to upgrade to other hydroponic systems.

        Hydroponics Grow Area

        1. DWC Full

        TotalMedia Beds / VerticalDWC/Float Beds
        2. DWC-Media Hybrid425.5m273.5m2352m2
        3. Media with DWC Sump370m2330m240m2
        4. Vertical-Media-DWC hybrid




        56m2 +

        Vert Equiv.  273m2


        The gravel grow beds breaks down the ammonia to nitrite and nitrate, acting a natural bio and mechanical filter, and is recommended due to its stabilization factor in overall system. Recommendation will be to use 19mm gravel as the grow media. Should you wish to also grow leafy veg such as lettuce then the grow beds can easily be converted into float beds at no extra cost.

        Specially imported high density Isoboard (300kPA / 40DVA) as float rafts ensures a significantly increased the lifespan of your rafts (15DVA polystyrene rafts is generally replaced every 3-5 months).


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          - Power requirements & backup systems

          Power requirements & Back Up Systems

          The system has been designed specifically for a low power requirement. It utilizes low-head Jebao DC pumps and low power Jebao air pumps. Note that the system is solar enabled, but a solar powered solution will be in addition to the quote which assumes a power supply. You will require backup power at the site. Total consumption of each individual tunnel is unlikely to exceed 1.5kW/hour draw, with an average of 1.1kW/hour. The average excludes the heat pump power requirement, which we recommended to run off the main power supply.

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            - Aeration

            Air supply to the system is primarily through Matala air diffuser disc membranes in the fish tanks, and the Matala aerotube air lines in the DWC hydroponic systems.  Fail-safes are designed through use of “in-parallel Jebao air pump system” and matala aerotube round the edge of the tanks. This helps error-proof risks specific to aeration system failure.

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              - Steps to follow