Aquaponics Systems

- Commercial Systems

Want to go full-scale commercial farming? Then you are in the right place. We can offer you from financial models up to full turn-key solutions. Commercial aquaponics success requires 1) Best System Design; 2) Quality components 3) Training and trained staff options to unlock the system potential 4) Full commercial operating models to maximum ROI 5) Start Up kits 6)  Financial and business planning.

We have refined the design of a number of high yielding and successful systems at fantastic prices. Our goal is to provide affordable solutions without compromising on quality. All of our systems that we supply come with the worlds leading filtration mechanisms, pumps, and equipment. Quality and reliability is everything! Our systems have been designed to grow a range of fish and produce.


Professional 300m2Cost effective

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  • 25’800lt Aquaculture System (Materials)
  • 200-230m2 Hydroponics System (Materials)
  • Option: Media/DWC/Vertical/Hybrid
  • All pumps & plumbing (Materials)
  • Excl. Installation & Structure

Commercial 550m2Flagship system

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  • 46’200lt Tank Aquaculture System (Materials)
  • 400 – 430m2 Hydroponics System (Materials)
  • Options: Media/DWC/Vertical/Hybrids
  • All pumps & plumbing (Materials)
  • Excl. Installation and Structure


- Home Systems

Our range of home units are constructed using lightweight materials, allowing you to pack and transport them easily.

AquaBudget – This is our low-cost system, but does not compromise on quality. The system consists of a 1,000L tank, mechanical filter, bio filter, and DWC. Prices start from R6,000 ex Vat.

AquaVertical – This is our most popular system. A combination of a fiberglass gravel bed as well as 4 vertical towers – you can grow over 100 plants in under 2 sqm of space. Perfect for your garden or back yard. Prices start from R11,000 ex vat.

AquaMaxi – Want to grow all your own fresh produce? This is the system that will do it! With a 3,300 liter tank and grow space for up to 300 plants – get ready for fresh produce all year round!

All of our home units can be supplied with or without a high quality greenhouse structure. 

- Our Strategy