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- Jebao

Jebao Co. Ltd is a leading manufacturer in the professional water garden market. We are professionally developing and manufacturing 
pond accessories, fountain pumps, lights and aquarium accessories. Our diversified lines of products are suitable for fountains, water landscapes, 
pool filter, home decoration and handicrafts with different requirements.


- Matala

Matala Water Technology is the subsidiary of BHB Asia Technology which was founded in 2000 by Mr. Marc Talloen in Taiwan.
We produce innovative filtration materials for application in biological treatment of wastewater, Aquaculture recirculation and Koi & water garden and various other applications.


Constructed from 550g /420 micron virgin liner and 800g / 650 micron virgin liner. Tank is easy to transport and can fit in the boot of most cars. Comes with instructions on how to assemble and only takes 30 minutes to setup. The galvanised mesh will ensure that the tanks never rust and prolong the life of your liner.

Note: Tanks take minimum 5 working days to manufacture & product does not qualify for free shipping


The centre of any aquaponics or hydroponic system is the grow beds. Our liners are ideal for grow beds going into the ground and where a simple flat sheet will suffice.

- Aquaponics Systems

We have refined the design of a number of high yielding and successful systems at fantastic prices. Our goal is to provide affordable solutions without compromising on quality. All of our systems that we supply come with the worlds leading filtration mechanisms, pumps, and equipment. Quality and reliability is everything! Our systems have been designed to grow a range of fish and produce. Our systems fit into a 40-foot container and come with full construction guide.

Our range of home units are constructed using lightweight materials, allowing you to pack and transport them easily.