We offer consultation services all across South Africa for aquaculture and aquaponics projects. We also do feasibility studies. You can find some of our cases below.

- What We Consult On

We offer consulting services that cover all facets of your aquaponics requirements, from assessment, system design, building, and installation to advice on which fish and plants to use.

Consult with us

  • Uncertain about the correct system for you? Allow us to help?
  • Let us help you choose the right fish and product to grow.

Have you got a system running and are you struggling with issues?

Some of the common problems faced with existing systems that we consult on include:

  • Pests or other issues
  • Maintenance planning
  • Services plans

Consult with us

  • Let us help you navigate through the complexities of permit regulations for fish.
  • We also advise on the types of permits you need.
  • We offer various services to ensure that you remain compliant.

Need help and advice around the packaging of products or supply chain management?

  • We advise on the right designs, products and packaging for you to be successful in the market.

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