Kigembe Pond Culture & Hatchery (Rwanda)

Located in the far south of Rwanda, Kigembe Aquaculture Farm as first build in the 1950s. However after the war in 1994 was completely destroyed. Ichthys are helping with the rehabilitation of the countries largest tilapia grow out facility and hatchery.
- Pond culture & Hatchery

Commercial Aquaculture Farm

Kigembe, Rwanda

  • >100 tonnes tilapia / annum
  • > 2 million fry / annum
  • Rwandas largest tilapia facility
  • Only commercial hatchery
  • 50 staff employed
  • 24 hectares

Kigembe is currently under rehabilitation by the Government of Rwanda. Ichthys have been chosen to help identify key areas of focus, particularly with improving the operational processes to turn the farm around. At present the farm is operation at less than 10% of the capacity and operational costs are out of control.

Negotiating new policies with the government, brining the cost of feed down and the restoration of critical equipment is top of our agenda.

John Smith

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