Our Courses

From introductory courses to large-scale aquaponics food production, we have you covered.

No matter your level of knowledge, we have courses that cater to all aquaponics enthusiasts! We offer regular courses that are held onsite at our farm as well as various locations around South Africa. With 11 years of practical experimentation and real-life experience under our belts, our content covers the triumphs, obstacles and the nitty-gritty of aquaponic farming.

Aquaponics Interactive Online Training

We love having aquaponic enthusiasts take part in our interactive online aquaponics training. With our online courses, our main objective is to ensure you have understood all the theory, put it to practice and learnt how to run it like a pro.

There are some highlights to taking our online courses! You get to use all our tools to build your own bell siphon, solid lift outlet, float rafts and ultimately a fully functional aquaponics system!

The best part is that we will be right there with you, ready to offer a helping hand and any advice when you start to face some of the challenges that come with building your own system.

Physical courses can be arranged privately.

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Aquaponics Self Study Courses Aquaponic Courses

Our online aquaponics courses will take you deep into the life of an aquaponics farmer from the comfort of your own home. Learn what it takes to get started as an aquaponics farmer and join us for one of our online courses. We have a 5-Day Course and a 12-Day course that caters for all levels of interest!

We cover everything from understanding the science behind aquaponics to system designs and more. Book a course today and dive into our wonderful world of aquaponics.